The universal electric motors have a high starting torque, develop high speed, are built for voltages of 110V and 220V direct current or alternating current and generally their power does not exceed 300W, except in special cases. This type of motor is applied to most portable appliances and some portable machines used in the industry. The universal electric motor is a motor that allows connection in both the DC and the AC, because its rotor as well  114166.00 mrosupply as its stator are formed by ferrosilicon plates, which minimize the heat effects caused by the currents induced in the metallic masses, when under the action of a variable magnetic field.

In the grooves of the stator are housed the field coils which are generally two, necessary for the formation of the inductor field. In the grooves of the rotor the induced coils are directly wound, whose end points are properly connected to the blades forming the collector. The armature and the inductor field are connected in series. To reverse the direction of rotation, simply reverse the connections on the brush holders, or the connections of the inductor field coils, when gluing connections to the manifold, are equivalent to both directions.