Small power induction motors are single phase, and they often require special starting devices because they do not have their own starting. The induction motors of higher power are three-phase and have their own start and need special devices for this current at the time of their departure. Single-phase electric motors have both lower power output and power factor. They are most commonly used for loads requiring small power engines such as motors for fans, refrigerators, portable drills, washing machines, clocks, and compressors, among others. Depending on their operation, single-phase motors can be qualified in two types: Universal Motor and Induction Motor find baldor em4114t here.

Three-phase motors as the name already explains need to be connected to three-phase electrical systems and are also the most widely employed engines in the industry. Its speed is indicated by the frequency of the power supply, which guarantees excellent conditions for its operation at constant speeds. It is also known as an asynchronous motor because it does not operate at synchronous speed, and has as a major disadvantage the fact that in its direct starting the current value is very high, almost ten times its rated current.