The first thing when we think about changing the environment is painting, isn’t it?
And in this area, innovation is not lacking.
Infinite colors, different finishes and technologies and a wide range of paint options.
The ombré effect on the wall is one of them. But after all, what is this effect? How is it possible
to do it?
Ombré is the smoothing and darkening of one or more colors.
The ideal is to have at hand the color chart of your favorite paint brand, to define which shades
of the same color family, you will adopt in this your newest work of art in wall painting.
Our color experts suggest the following combinations:
Combination 1 – Rosé Shades
With paint Coral Decora Essence of Coffee, Coral Decorate Recycled Paper and Coral Decorate
Royal Peach.
Combination 2 – Violet Shades
With Coral Decora Mystic Touch paint, Coral Decora Velvet Glove and Coral Decora Lilac Misty.
And now, it’s easier to innovate in decoration, isn’t it? Make your own painting, in fact, ombré
and show us how it looks! Infinity Pro house painter weston