In an attempt to convince you. Definitely not. It’s okay, when you’re visiting,
you can’t avoid the most popular places, especially if you’re in such a place
for the first time. It’s natural for hunger to come when you’re on the
Champs Élysées or facing the Empire State, but keep your ears open when
choosing a restaurant in these parts, okay? Good restaurant has a concise
menu. The logic is this: if your specialty is all the foods in the world, there’s
a good chance that no dish will be spectacular. Very common in a very
tourist place are those restaurants with a menu at the entrance and in
several languages. That’s right, my friend, it’s the most tourist-catching
technique you have. If your reading of the menu comes with someone
trying to convince you to come in at all costs, think twice. Walked into an
empty restaurant at lunchtime? I would say that there is a 20% chance of
being a place more or less. This criterion should not weigh so heavily on
your choice, but it serves as a small warning.