Top italian restaurants in alpharetta
However, not everyone knows that, in addition to apps that are based on
recommendations from people who have visited places, there is OpenTable,
which allows users to find restaurants based on images of the dishes they
offer. That’s right! Just look at the dish that you find most appetizing to get
the address of the place that offers it. Using the app is very simple. Just
download it to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play
for free. Through it, you can find nearby restaurants by location and view
images of the main dishes offered by them (provided your GPS is turned on,
of course).
In addition, OpenTable allows you to view all reviews from customers who
have already visited the restaurants. Once you’ve created your OpenTable
account, you need to allow the app to access your location to present the
best places around you. It is also possible to integrate the application with
your Facebook account .
Check out how to use OpenTable to find nearby restaurants in the short
tutorial below: On the app’s home screen, you can find the best restaurants
near you.