If the engine operates in an environment considered to be inappropriate, this factor must be duly informed to the manufacturer at the time of purchase. It must be considered that in order to guarantee a longer service life of the bearings, with lower cost and energy consumption, it is of the utmost importance that the engine operator follow some recommendations. It is always necessary, regardless of the purpose of the operation, to observe cgevaporator the lubrication intervals. It is not advisable to carry out excessive greasing of the bearings and always clean them with gasoline, just before gluing the new grease, in case there is an automatic grease evacuator.

It is important to emphasize the use of only greases and elements properly recommended by the manufacturer depending on the service, purpose and temperature used. For oil lubricated bearings, check the retaining rings periodically and using the recommended oil. During the entire cleaning process it is necessary to avoid dust deposits in the bearing housings. The temperature of the bearings must be taken into account when they are in operation, and care must be taken to ensure that the ambient temperature remains within normal limits.