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Plus, we’ve become so obsessed with making the best choice possible that we
often forget some of the trial and error strategies that have lured many travelers
into memorable dining experiences around the world. The most important
factor in determining where to find the best restaurants to eat is cleanliness. Not
sure how to determine if a restaurant is safe? We recommend that you take
note of how clean the hands of owners and employees are. If they’re clean and
ready for a friendly handshake, you’re probably safe. On the other hand, if they
are covered in dirt or food, or even if their apron looks dirty, you should consider
a different restaurant.
Another good way to know if food is safe is to check that the restaurant or street
stall is full. If they are, it’s a good sign that the food will come quickly and that
it’s likely to be fresh. During the process of choosing the best restaurants, it’s
easy to be drawn to read reviews for dozens of restaurants. This one has four
stars… but someone said it was dirty. This one has five stars… but only two